Just take these meds…

There’s nothing you can do… it’s all in your head… no diet will help what you’ve got…

You’ve heard it so many times you’re almost ready to believe it.

And yet… you know there must be another way

I’ve got news…

There is another way.

And it starts with FOOD.

Let’s face it. Most of us could be eating better

Yes, even nutrition coaches like myself.

But for most of us, until we are faced with a worrying health issue, few are likely to take any action.

And sadly, for most people, dietary changes is not even on the list of considerations to address their issues.

I used to be like most people.

I believed my asthma, and eczema were genetic and that I got dealt a crappy hand and was just “an allergic person”... so I continued to:

>>Suffer DAILY from symptoms like skin issues, congestion and fatigue that never truly went away

>>Seek answers from different doctors, who could only offer creams or medications, which didn’t ever get rid of my symptoms

But I wasn’t really “sick”, so life continued… And no feasible, effective solution came along, until…

…a friend of mine passed from breast cancer. Her son was just 7 years old.

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My friend Ronelle and her son, April 2014

I got scared and scrutinised my own diet.

I slowly began to implement smoothies into my day, started studying nutrition and functional medicine, and uncovered health secrets that change people’s lives

I no longer struggle with all those conditions and I see “miracle” changes that my clients experience when they too support their bodies to detox naturally with FOOD.

This even works for people with complex problems—even autoimmune conditions!

Nutrition is the foundation to healing,

and NOW is the time to detox

No matter what your symptoms, no matter how long you’ve been struggling, you will be amazed by what can shift with the right changes to your nutrition and the right kind of simple detox.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

Want to feel better than ever?



The only nutrition and cleanse program you will ever need

Welcome to another live round of the 30-DAY Reboot.

This is where YOU get the exact same simple plan that gets my clients awesome results in a short space of time… Plus the newest upgrades no one has ever seen before

30-DAY Reboot contains ALL my hottest hacks for what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, combined with tried and tested detox rituals that will help your body naturally release the accumulated toxins that are so often the barrier between my clients and blissfully good health and well-being.

If you:

Have been on the circuit of trying different diets and getting frustrated…

Dislike the restrictive, confusing, overwhelming, or time-consuming programs…

Want to be set up for LIFE with habits that feel good and do you good, without getting hungry or feeling deprived…

I am here to help TODAY!

In just 30 days with REBOOT RELOADED, you will:

Feel better, lighter, and more energetic than ever

Have a straightforward, proven nutrition plan so that you no longer second guess your food choices

Get delicious recipes that become a seamless part of your routine

Learn rituals that detox your body and mind that can be used any time you want a nice health boost

Reduce or eliminate symptoms that meds have just been bandaiding

Finally feel in control of your health, body and future

Give me 30 days of your attention and get a lifetime of freedom, knowing you have all you need when it comes to healthy food choices.

"I am so glad I got to work with Mireille. She is passionate about what she does. She really takes time and cares for her clients. I would highly recommend anyone who is suffering from symptoms to speak to Mireille and do her program."

— ILANA JANKOWITZ, money mindset coach

What to expect

KICK-OFF CALL so you’re prepped for total success and cannot fail at getting the results you want

Week 1: Easing-in to nutrition changes, releasing the biggest food burdens that are slowing you down. Indulging in some light detox rituals from the suite of options.

Week 2 & 3: Going deeper, with options tailored to your desired end result:

Track 1 - Designed to begin to eliminate autoimmune issues

Track 2 - An easy-breezy plan to begin to slay lighter symptoms

Week 4: It’s test time! Here’s where we reintroduce certain foods and see which may have been contributing to your symptoms, to get you long-term results

What's included

Facebook group community

4 x weekly group coaching calls

Detox success guide

Physical and emotional wellness guide

Recipe packs with 50+ recipes with options for omnivores or vegan/vegetarians

Shopping lists & suggested meal plans

Lifetime access to recordings & materials (so even if you can't join live, you can do the program in your own time)

Client Testimonials

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The detox program was really well structured with wonderful support from the group and a lot of information and inspiration from the coach. I definitely feel much better and energised, with a lot of new habits and recipes for every day.

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I have taken lots of the ideas learnt from the detox that have helped my skin as well as my energy. I was shocked at how much food can affect one's energy, moods, libido, lifestyle. It takes commitment and restructuring of your thoughts and habits, but it is one thing you will not regret!

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I want to recommend Mireille's program if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition... I would rather try to eliminate the root cause of the condition through a lifestyle change rather than just treat the symptoms. The only way to do that is to educate yourself through programs like Mireille's.

Mary speaking about her experience on the program

Bonus 1

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Pimp your health with Smoothies

VALUE Eur222

Join my exclusive smoothie workshop: learn 3 of my brightly coloured smoothies and how you can adapt them for your tastes. Create your own with my guidance and surprise your family with how they taste!

Plus my Ultimate Smoothie making masterclass: how to get started, what to include in your smoothies, how to combine them to taste good and be super packed with nutrients.

BONUS Smoothie recipes & guide so you can refer back to what you learnt and never run out of ideas!!

Bonus 2

Make my life easy!

VALUE Eur222

Breakfast and Snack workshop: set yourself up for success by learning my favourite easy recipes that will make these 2 meal times a breeze

These are a few of my amazing breakfast and snack secrets so you can whip up something “fast and easy” whenever you’re hungry

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Bonus 3

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Mindset Mastery with guest expert Jana Reuther


Discover the secrets to overcoming the ”I know I should but I just can’t” problem when it comes to taking on a new desirable habit

Detox Mastery with guest expert Sara Stenqvist

Everything you should know about detoxing from the inside out, incorporating body, mind and spirit.

Bonus 4

More support, more results

VALUE Eur777

This is my promise to you.

If doing the 30 Day Reboot does not get you the results you desire, I will grant you your investment back in credit to work with me in my Heal your Gut or Hive-Free program.

This is how much I believe in the work I do.

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